18. tammikuuta 2006

Hohhoo. Joku spämmää minua Messengerissä. Ja pitäähän se sitten tänne säilöä.

With you that I waited,

You who recognized me,

With you that I cherished

Since I first saw you.

With you that I hoped,

You that I had dreamed,

With you who smiled at me

The first in return.

With you who said to me yes

When I invited you

To dance and dance,

With your yes spontaneous.

With you who allured me

As of the first glance,

With your charming laughter

With your soft words.

With you who stated

All your emotions

The pain, tenderness,

And to remain natural.

With you that I will wait,

You who know that I wait,

With whom I will say it

When you can hear it.

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