8. joulukuuta 2005

A walk at the beach, as the storm is about to rise...

Donna: I didn't get much sleep last night.
Joe: No, neither did I.
Donna: One thing that I know for sure... how much I love you.
Joe: And I love you too. But there's a but coming.
Donna: I'm just not ready yet. I mean, we are both so young.
Joe: My mother was 19 when she got married.
Donna: Yeah, my mom was young too. She got pregnant, and she... she had to get married. She lost the baby, and even though her and dad worked things out, I know she still wonders what she could have done with her life.
Joe: It wouldn't be that way with us.
Donna: Maybe not. But I'm not ready to leave my friends, say goodbye to my family. Give up the few years of freedom we all have left before we have to grow up. I mean, I still have so many dreams that I haven't even tried to make come true yet. And I don't wanna go with you and wonder what my life might have been like. You'd wind up hating me. Can you understand that?
Joe: Yeah. I still wish I could change your mind.
Donna: No, maybe I can change yours. I mean, if I asked you to stay here, here with me, would you?
Joe: No. I can't. I gotta chase my dreams too.
Donna: So when are you gonna go back home?
Joe: They ask for me to be out of the dorm by the end of the week. I'm gonna miss you, Donna.
Donna: I'm gonna miss you too.
Joe: This is the part that I'm not really sure what we are supposed to do. It's over, I guess. I guess we are saying goodbye.
Donna: No. This is just the beginning, for both of us.
Joe: Can I kiss you one last time?
Donna: You don't have to ask.

*fade to black*

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